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Researcher - Anatomy & Physiology Modelling 

Location: Online
Category: Researcher
Pay Scale: 6 lakhs to 8 lakhs per annum

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  • Enthusiastic candidates ready to work in Bio-medical research.

  • Completed Masters's or PhD in the domain of Biomedical engineering / Medical Enginnering or related engineering field in any Indian University or College.

  • Expertise in anatomy and physiology, Linear Algebra, bio-medical modelling & feedback system.

  • Strong foundations in Numerical methods, C, C++ or Python, a basic understanding of controller design

  • Core and fundamental knowledge in Bio Mechanics is strongly recommended. Strong knowledge in modelling the cardiovascular system, Nervous system & Circulatory system.

  • Basic level knowledge in bio-fluid & flow analysis, Quantitative Physiology (but not mandatory)

  • Hands-on experience working with Matlab or Python. 

 Job Description:

  • Gilbert Research is passionate about biomedical enginnering for Modelling anatomy & building real-time 2d or 3d-image simulations for implementation.

  • The applicant should be highly passionate and an enthusiastic player in solving problems in medical and/or industrial modelling by building and implementing algorithms or designs for human anatomical-specific system modelling.

  • The applicant should have shown research experience in the areas of control systems & signal processing with strong mathematical skills and the ability to connect physics with advances in design techniques.



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