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Gilbert Research Center provides world-class excellent  career opportunities in

industry, research, academics & management.

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Internship Coursework Program -Datascience &
Machine Learning

Location: Online
Category: Internship
Mentorship & Guidance Fee:
₹ 2736/-


  • Enthusiastic candidates ready to work in Data Science & Machine Learning domain

  • Completed any degree in Bachelor's or Masters's degree in an Indian College / University.

 Job Description:

 The 2-month online internship program is offered by leading scientists of Gilbert Research Center. Gilbert Research     Center is one of the most reputed and notable research centres in India. 


  What you'll learn from this Online-Internship 

  • Basics of Mathematics - Linear Algebra, Probability, Differential Equations

  • Fundamentals of Python Programming Language

  • Fundamentals of Statistics, Statistical Power Analysis & Optimization.

  • Machine Learning Algorithms - Linear, Multiple, Non-Linear Regression, Correlation, Gradient Descent & PCA

  • Fundamental of Neural Networks, Convolution & Deep Learning (CNN - Convolutional Neural Network).

  • Image Processing, Medical Image Processing - X-ray modality.

  • Industry-relevant projects discussion and implementation, fundamental programming assignments, and attending mentorship sessions of our Scientists.

You'll get basic and complete Industry-related knowledge for your recruitment process at Gilbert Research Center, career shift, and other job opportunities. You'll get core knowledge of machine learning & data science from a leading scientist. This program definitely boosts your professional career and promotion. 


Every candidate will get a Verified Certificate & Letter of Recommendation from a Scientist at Gilbert Research Center.  Stipends will be provided to all students based on their assignment performance. Our internship provide to grab a job at Gilbert Research Center, a software industry, a fin-tech company based on data science and machine learning.

Hiring Process: 

  • Selected candidates will get an e-mail notification.

  • Selected Candidates have to apply on our career page of Gilbert Research Center.

  • Once you apply on our official website you'll be scheduled for a telephonic interview with our leading scientist.

  • After completion of the telephonic interview, shortlisted candidates are announced via e-mail and on our website.

  • Only Final-Shortlisted candidates from telephonic interviews have to pay Mentorship & Guidance Fee.

  • The internship begins for Final-Shortlisted Candidates only.

Prerequisites: No prerequisites are needed.

Mentor & Instructor:

Shyamsundar PL, Scientist and Research Officer (Senior) of Gilbert Research Center

Language: English


Mentorship & Guidance Fee:  ₹ 2736/- (Two Thousand Seven Hundred thirty-six rupees only)


Touch with our Scientist: 

Shyamsundar PL     

Contact us                                                                                                         

Phone Number: +91-8608406698

WhatsAppClick here to message


Job Role Assigned with Mentorship with Scientist:

  • One of the most reputed research centres in India, Gilbert Research Center invites high-level top leading Internship positions in organizations. 

  • It’s an Online-Internship Programme. The working location is completely Online. You don’t need to switch your locations. It’s an Internship Programme working 2-Months.

  • Our high-level Internship Programme will be mentored and guided by the leading Scientists of Gilbert Research Center. 

  • An interview will be held for this internship position. Only shortlisted candidates from the interview have to pay Mentorship & Guidance Fee.

  • Course work+ Internship program - 8 weeks of internship each week you will have coursework on Friday and Saturday ( 6:00 pm to 8 pm ) for each week you will have two assignments.

  • Total 8 assignments 4-Mathematical data science assignments and 4 data science programming assignments     (Totally 8 assignments for two month)

  • Candidates in some cases unable to attend the live coursework meeting session. We have a special login portal and password for candidates to access pre-recorded videos.

  • Candidates who scored above score overall 5 out of 10 in our assignments will get a stipend of rupees  ₹ 3000 to ₹ 3500.

  • Candidates who performed well in our assignments move to our Data Scientist position at Gilbert research centre.

  • Your role would be to lead a high-level Internship Programme by allocating Industry relevant projects, fundamental programming assignments, and attending mentorship classes of our Scientists.

  • You’ll have experience collaborating with our leading Scientists to make your career an Industry-Academic. You'll get top experience in Industry Readiness & Trending topics.

  •  Selection is based on pure merit basis. The interview will be conducted for Shortlisting applicants.



Download the complete two-month schedule of coursework :

 The outcome of the Internship Program:

 Candidates will get hired as Data Scientists or Machine Learning Engineer based on performance like weekend assignments, and industry-relevant projects during Internship Program. 

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